Services During Pandemic 2020-2021

The year 2020 has been of great impact in everyones life. This lockdown created great havoc in people’s life. Rescue Mission team was quick to grab this opportunity of serving the society.

Below were the services rendered:

  • Jesus Canteen Mobile service:We provided free meals to nearly 350 poors everyday.
  • Grocery Distribution:We provided free groceries to 650 families which includes auto drivers, slum dwellers, transgender, migrants, job seekers etc
  • Jesus Canteen Food Bank/Stall:It’s a great challenge to feed 400 people every day in times of Lockdown where the entire Country was economically hit. Rescue Mission team took great courage to come on streets to serve the people without fear of Corona. We served food to approximately 300 people everyday
  • Oxygen campaign: In this time of acute Oxygen shortage, we provided free oxygen cylinders and concentrators to poor people suffering from Corona. Our Team reached out to people in and around Bangalore during 2nd wave of Corona where the death rates increased and low supply of Oxygen in the city