Monthly Events

Below are the Monthly events: These ministries are conducted once in a month, we focus particular section of society, encourage them with gospel and support them with small ration kits and a meal.

  • All Night Prayer: Night Prayer was started in 2006, we have completed 167th Night prayer as of July 2021. We gather at night between 10pm to 5am and pray for the nation. We have seen massive revival and many life changed after attending this meeting.
  • Blind Ministry: We conduct this event once in every month by sharing gospel and provide Rashion and a meal to the blind.
  • Widow’s Ministry: We help the widows and old ladies who are left behind without any support from family and friends, by providing ration and a meal. We motivate them through gospel.
  • Auto fellowship: Auto drivers/Cab drivers attend this program. We motivate them through gospel.

Many are benefited attending these programs. Drunkards, people addicted to bad habits have got their life transformed. People with suicidal tendencies are motivated to live