Education Initiatives

Education Initiatives: Our goal is to provide free education to tribal, rural, slum dwellers and poor people with non-profitable benefits. We are more focused on the states of Karnataka, especially interior villages and towns where the standard of education is low.

  • Pre-Schools
  • Tuition Centres,
  • Computer Centres
  • Pre-Schools: We intend to bring up children to gain education for their upliftment and have a bright future.

We are currently running three Pre-schools : Williams English Medium Pre School, HD Kote (village in Mysore), Graham Staines Pre Schoo, DJ Halli (slum in Bangalore) and Graham Staines, Volkellari (village in Kolar) 

  • Free Tuition Centres: We give free tuitions to children who are from government schools and backward class. We are currently running Tuition centres in Kolar, Mysore and Madur.
  • Computer Centres:We educate the teenagers with basic Computer knowledge to make them computer literate, enhance their skill and find a job. Currently we are running Free computer institutions in Bangalore, Rampura, Maddur & Kolar district.