Our Vision & Mission

Our aim is to reach the poor people of Karnataka through various social activities and by providing their basic needs. To educate the underprivileged children and empower the weaker section, thus driving them to earn their living.


Rescue Mission charitable trust was established in the year 2000 by Brother Raju S (Founder). It is a non-aided and non-funded organisation which runs on faith ministry and follows one principle “Love in Action”. We are focused on community development of the poor section of society by providing their basic needs, thus driving them to lead a normal life.

Founder: Brother Raju S

Brother Raju S, is the founder and president of the Rescue Mission Charitable Trust, Bangalore. He is born and brought up in a Hindu family and was a strong devotee towards his religion. He was the seventh child in his middle class family, and went through all the hardship of life. He spent many days without adequate food and knew what hunger was. At time he picked food from dustbin and was a gate crasher for weddings just for a meal. As a teenager, he grew up with passion of being a dancer, singer along with bad habits.

Once his friend invited him to a prayer meeting and there he experienced the presence of God for the first time and accepted Christ as his personal saviour. His life got transformed and started his journey as a normal Christian “Sunday Christian” and he composted many songs. His first song was ‘paavangal pokave’ gave him popularity and he was known as ‘Sunday Christian Raju’.

As the day progressed he encountered Christ and was enlightened with the real meaning of Christianity. He came to know that Christianity is not a religion but a way of life. His past bitterness and love of Christ pushed him to begin with many services for the poor. One such service was feeding the unfed through the ministry called ‘Jesus Canteen’

He was greatly influenced by the works of Mother Theresa, Graham Staines, Brother Augustine Jebakumar (GEMS- Bihar)and many such missionaries which made him focus more on missionary activities. He extended his vision by starting pre-schools, computer, tuition centres, shelters, free health checks etc to the slum dwellers, tribal and low income group people. The list is exhaustive and forms a part of his vision for the society.